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Google Professional Cloud Developer Exam

Certification Provider: Google
Exam Name: Professional Cloud Developer
Number of questions in our database: 254
Exam Version: Feb. 10, 2024
Exam Official Topics:
  • Topic 1: Designing Highly Scalable, Available, And Reliable Cloud-Native Applications/ Geographic Distribution Of Google Cloud Services
  • Topic 2: Operating System Versions And Base Runtimes Of Services/ Oogle-Recommended Practices And Documentation
  • Topic 3: Security Mechanisms That Protect Services And Resources/ Choosing Data Storage Options Based On Use Case Considerations
  • Topic 4: Defining Database Schemas For Google-Managed Databases/ Re-Architecting Applications From Local Services To Google Cloud Platform
  • Topic 5: Defining A Key Structure For High Write Applications Using Cloud Storage/ Using Cloud Storage To Run A Static Website
  • Topic 6: Google-Recommended Practices And Documentation/ Deploying And Securing An API With Cloud Endpoints Setting Up Your Development Environment, Considerations/ Building And Testing Applications
  • Topic 7: Reviewing Test Results Of Continuous Integration Pipeline/ Developing Unit Tests For All Code Written
  • Topic 8: Developing An Integration Pipeline Using Services/ Emulating GCP Services For Local Application Development Eploying Applications And Services On Compute Engine/ Deploying An Application To App Engine
  • Topic 9: Launching A Compute Instance Using GCP Console And Cloud SDK/ Creating An Autoscaled Managed Instance Group Using An Instance Template
  • Topic 10: Implementing Appropriate Deployment Strategies Based On The Target Compute Environment/ Creating A Load Balancer For Compute Engine Instances
  • Topic 11: Deploying Applications And Services On Google Kubernetes Engine/ Deploying Applications And Services On Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Topic 12: Automating Resource Provisioning With Deployment Manager/ Creating An Instance With A Startup Script That Installs Software
  • Topic 13: Integrating An Application With Data And Storage Services/ Writing An SQL Query To Retrieve Data From Relational Databases
  • Topic 14: Reading And Updating An Entity In A Cloud Datastore Transaction From An Application/ Using Apis To Read/Write To Data Services
  • Topic 15: Configuring Compute Services Network Settings/ Configuring A Cloud Pub/Sub Push Subscription To Call An Endpoint
  • Topic 16: Publishing And Consuming From Data Ingestion Sources/ Authenticating Users By Using Oauth2 Web Flow And Identity Aware Proxy

Free Google Professional Cloud Developer Exam Actual Questions

The questions for Professional Cloud Developer were last updated On Feb. 10, 2024

Question #1

You are deploying a Python application to Cloud Run using Cloud Build. The Cloud Build pipeline is shown below:

You want to optimize deployment times and avoid unnecessary steps What should you do?

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Question #2

You are a lead developer working on a new retail system that runs on Cloud Run and Firestore. A web UI requirement is for the user to be able to browse through alt products. A few months after go-live, you notice that Cloud Run instances are terminated with HTTP 500: Container instances are exceeding memory limits errors during busy times

This error coincides with spikes in the number of Firestore queries

You need to prevent Cloud Run from crashing and decrease the number of Firestore queries. You want to use a solution that optimizes system performance What should you do?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #3

You have a web application that publishes messages to Pub/Sub. You plan to build new versions of the application locally and need to quickly test Pub/Sub integration tor each new build. How should you configure local testing?

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Correct Answer: C

Question #4

You are supporting a business-critical application in production deployed on Cloud Run. The application is reporting HTTP 500 errors that are affecting the usability of the application. You want to be alerted when the number of errors exceeds 15% of the requests within a specific time window. What should you do?

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Correct Answer: B

Question #5

You are developing a new web application using Cloud Run and committing code to Cloud Source Repositories. You want to deploy new code in the most efficient way possible. You have already created a Cloud Build YAML file that builds a container and runs the following command: gcloud run deploy. What should you do next?

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Correct Answer: B

Cloud Build uses build triggers to enable CI/CD automation. You can configure triggers to listen for incoming events, such as when a new commit is pushed to a repository or when a pull request is initiated, and then automatically execute a build when new events come in. You can also configure triggers to build code on any changes to your source repository or only on changes that match certain criteria.

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