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Fortinet NSE6_FAZ-7.2 Exam Questions

Exam Name: Fortinet NSE 6 - FortiAnalyzer 7.2 Administrator
Exam Code: NSE6_FAZ-7.2
Related Certification(s):
  • Fortinet Certified Professional Certifications
  • Fortinet FCP Fortinet Certified Professional Network Security Certifications
Certification Provider: Fortinet
Actual Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
Number of NSE6_FAZ-7.2 practice questions in our database: 30 (updated: Jul. 12, 2024)
Expected NSE6_FAZ-7.2 Exam Topics, as suggested by Fortinet :
  • Topic 1: Configuration of systems: Performing initial configuration, configuration of administrative access, configuration of high availability (HA) are its sub-topics. It also discusses Configure administrative domains (ADOMs) l Manage RAID l Manage disk quota and backups l Describe FortiAnalyzer concepts.
  • Topic 2: Device registration and communication: Managing devices and troubleshooting device communication issues are sub-topics of this topic.
  • Topic 3: Logs and reports management: This topic is all about managing log data and reports.
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9 days ago
NSE 6 certification achieved! Pass4Success's exam questions were incredibly relevant. Couldn't have done it without their help!
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22 days ago
I passed the Fortinet NSE 6 - FortiAnalyzer 7.2 Administrator exam with the help of Pass4Success practice questions. The exam covered topics like configuration of systems and device registration. One question that stood out to me was related to managing RAID on FortiAnalyzer. I wasn't completely sure of the answer, but I still managed to pass the exam.
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26 days ago
Just passed the NSE 6 - FortiAnalyzer exam! Pass4Success's practice questions were spot-on. Thanks for helping me prepare so quickly!
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1 months ago
Thanks to Pass4Success for their relevant exam questions, which helped me prepare efficiently. The exam included questions on FortiAnalyzer's ADOM management. Practice configuring and managing ADOMs, including permissions and device assignments. Understanding ADOM concepts is crucial for success.
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2 months ago
Wow, that FortiAnalyzer exam was tough! Grateful for Pass4Success - their materials made all the difference. Passed with flying colors!
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Free Fortinet NSE6_FAZ-7.2 Exam Actual Questions

Note: Premium Questions for NSE6_FAZ-7.2 were last updated On Jul. 12, 2024 (see below)

Question #1

A rogue administrator was accessing FortiAnalyzer without permission.

Where can you view the activities that the rogue administrator performed on FortiAnalyzer?

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Correct Answer: A

To monitor the activities performed by any administrator, including a rogue one, on the FortiAnalyzer, you should use the FortiView feature. FortiView provides a comprehensive overview of the activities and events happening within the FortiAnalyzer environment, including administrator actions, making it the appropriate tool for tracking unauthorized or suspicious activities. Reference: FortiAnalyzer 7.4.1 Administration Guide, 'System Settings > Fabric Management' section.

Question #2

Which two methods can you use to restrict administrative access on FortiAnalyzer? (Choose two.)

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Correct Answer: A, B

To restrict administrative access on FortiAnalyzer, two effective methods are using administrator profiles and configuring trusted hosts. Administrator profiles allow for defining the level of access and permissions for different administrators, controlling what each administrator can see and do within the FortiAnalyzer unit. Configuring trusted hosts enhances security by limiting administrative access to specified IP addresses, ensuring that administrators can only connect from approved locations or networks, thus preventing unauthorized access from outside specified subnets or IP addresses. Reference: FortiAnalyzer 7.4.1 Administration Guide, 'Administrators' and 'Trusted hosts' sections.

Question #3

Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the partial outputs displayed in the exhibit, which devices are ready to be configured as peers in an HA cluster?

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Correct Answer: C

Based on the provided exhibit, which shows partial outputs of the system status and global settings for FortiAnalyzer devices, the devices cannot be configured as peers in an HA (High Availability) cluster. This is indicated by the HA Mode status being set to 'Stand Alone' for the displayed FortiAnalyzer device. For devices to be part of an HA cluster, they would need to have compatible HA configurations, and usually, they should not be in 'Stand Alone' mode. Additionally, the exhibit only shows information for one FortiAnalyzer, so it cannot be determined if there is another device ready to form an HA cluster with it.

Question #4

What is true about FortiAnalyzer reports?

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Correct Answer: C

For FortiAnalyzer reports, an output profile must be configured before reports can be generated and sent to an external server or system. This output profile determines how the reports are distributed, whether by email, uploaded to a server, or any other supported method. The options such as auto-cache, saving reports in CSV format, or reports availability across different ADOMs are separate features/settings and not directly related to the requirement of having an output profile for report generation.

Question #5

An administrator has configured the following settings:

What is the purpose of executing these commands?

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Correct Answer: C

The purpose of executing the provided CLI commands, which include setting the log-checksum to md5-auth, is to ensure the integrity of the log files. This setting is used to record the MD5 hash value of log files, which is a widely used cryptographic hash function that produces a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value. By using MD5 authentication, FortiAnalyzer ensures that the log files have not been altered or tampered with during transit, thereby verifying their integrity upon receipt. This is not related to encrypting log transfers, scheduling reports, or creating secure channels for OFTP (Over-the-FortiGate Protocol) processes.

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